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 Background :

Caltak Enterprises is a sole proprietorship founded in San Antonio, TX in June 2004. We are a web design, hosting, e-commerce solutions company that was established based on the realization of the need for small business recognition throughout the community. For many companies, online business has become the bulk of their revenue. Less than 50% of small business owners have websites. However, studies have shown that small businesses that do have websites and sell their products and services online have been able to increase their sales by 45% or more. Caltak Enterprises is dedicated to serving entrepreneurs and small businesses, and to help increase awareness among the small business community that having a website is necessary to effectively compete in the business world today.

 What We Can Do For You :

We have a wide range of services that we can offer you to assist you in your mission. From brand identity, design services such as graphic/website design, do-it-yourself website builders, web hosting services and social media networking management, we have it all. With our competitive low prices, cutting edge technology, and professional, quality work, there is no need to look any place else. We are a one-stop small business solutions provider.

 The Enterprises :

In addition to assisting entrepreneurs and small businesses in their plight to get their business online, our purpose is to also establish a network of Enterprises that serve a distinct purpose. Our Enterprises are sub-divisions of the parent company that target specialized areas in large, niche markets, and are solely run via the Internet.
      New Launches: (3/27/12)    Coming soon: Long Lost Pets

We often are overwhelmed with projects that we do not have the time to manage all of our individual Enterprises. For this reason, we sometimes offer an Enterprise for sale. Check our website often for possible business opportunities!

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