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The Small Business Center has all of the tools you need to start your own business. If you already have your own business, we have a number of tools available to enhance your online presence. Check out our collection of business software for purchase, and our free eBusiness tools, all available for instant download.
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Many small businesses believe that they cannot compete with larger companies. This is not true.

However, having a website is essential in order to keep up with the competition. More and more people today are shopping online rather than going out to the store. It is an invaluable convenience to order online from the comfort of one's home.

We can help you get your business online, and in just 3 Easy Steps!  Find out how.

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Business Structure Basics

Starting a business can be a very exciting experience. It is very important to plan carefully, and to make sure that you start a business doing something that you love, because you will be your own boss and you will have no one to answer to but yourself. That's the whole point of having your own business in the first place, right?

There are several different types of business structures, and deciding on the best one that will suit your business is a critical choice to have to make. Some people seek legal advice before deciding on the type of business structure, which is highly recommended. However legal advice may be costly in some cases, so it is best to do some homework yourself before you pursue that route. Here we will briefly go over the most common types of business structures that many entrepreneurs and small businesses pursue. Keep in mind that we are not lawyers, and it is best to ultimately seek professional legal advice before undertaking such a huge responsibility that could dramatically affect your future.

Sole Proprietorship

  • Owned by one individual.
  • The individual and the business are one entity, and the business taxes are filed with personal taxes.
  • Involves the least amount of paperwork.
  • Key Disadvantage : the individual is completely liable, and personal assets could be lost in case legal disputes arise.


  • Two or more persons owns a percentage of the business.
  • Business taxes are filed along with each partner's personal taxes.
  • Business losses may be recorded for certain tax breaks.
  • Key Disadvantage : All partners are equally liable if the business goes under.

Limited Liability Corporation (LLC)

  • Owned by two or more persons.
  • The business and its owners are treated as separate entities, and taxes must be filed separately.
  • The business receives certain tax breaks because it is a corporation.
  • Key Disadvantage : There is still some limited personal liability involved.

  • Better Internet Bureau

    Displaying the "Better Internet Bureau" seal of approval on your pages shows that your site is a safe place to do business. Add credibility and make more sales.

    Get your site certified now!

    Business "How-To" Guides

    Over 100 "How-To" Guides, avaialable for download in the software library!

      Some of the titles include:

    • How to Raise Money for Your Business
    • How to Get Free Radio Advertising for your Business
    • How to start a Money Brokerage Business
    • ...and more!
    Click here to visit the Software Library!

    Incorporate Your Business

    Corpnet: Low cost effective method of legally incorporating your business. Only $49 plus state filing fees.

    Form an LLC in Minutes at CorpNet速

    Copyrights, Trademarks, Servicemarks, Patents

    Copyrights - protects literary and artistic works, including ebooks and websites. We provide c-Site copyright protection at our Site Services Center.

    Trademarks - words, symbols, designs, phrases, or a combination of these items that uniquely identifies the source of the goods of one entity from those of other entities.

    Servicemarks - similar to a trademark, except for that it uniquely identifies the source of a service rather than a tangible product.

    Patents - protect inventions. For patent information, go to

    Legal Documents

    Conduct your business legally. Get lawyer verified legal documents:
    Save up to 90% off your legal documents

    Or, Download a copy of our general legal document templates for FREE.
      Over 100 general purpose legal documents, including:

    • Bill of Sale
    • Contingent Fee Retainer
    • Employment Agreement
    • General Power of Attorney
    • Lease Agreement
    • Last Will and Testament
    • Minutes of Share Holders Meeting
    • Sale of Motor Vehicle
    • and much more!
    Download Now
    (size: 225 KB)

    Legal Counsel

    It is highly recommended to obtain legal advice before entering into any business contract. Below are some recommended websites:

    Financing and Credit

    Don't have all the funds right now for major purchases on this website? No problem! With Paypal credit, you can finance your website and have 6 mos to pay!

    Advertising Methods

    The key to successful advertising is to always advertise. Never stop. Literally. Word of mouth is the best and most successful way to get your business name out, not to mention absolutely FREE! Other ways to advertise include:

    • Search engine submissions
    • Local newspaper
    • Flyers
    • Brochures
    • Email by way of opt-in mailing lists
    • Newsgroups
    • Chat rooms
    • Auctions
    • Ezines
    • Local radio stations
    • Pay-per-click search engines

    Business Cards

    Business cards are a key element in spreading the word about your business. You may give them to associates, friends, even family members, who then can pass the word on their friends and associates, and so forth.

    You can find professional, high quality, LOW cost business cards at the following website:
    • VistaPrint - offers a broad range of business card designs, including FREE business cards.
                              You can even custom design your card through an online editing tool and upload your company logo.
    Get premium quality, full-color business cards FREE! An $85.00 value! Click here.

    Royalty-Free Stock Photos

    The key success to any great website is its image. Stock photography is the way to go to make your online presence felt. The images are royalty-free or for purchase, depending on your anticipated usage.

    Below are some great websites that will provide you with the images you need to succeed:

    • Corbis - Access an enormous collection of photos in an unlimited number of categories, including business, internet, people, animals, food, health, and beauty to name a few. Premium quality photos.

    • Free Photos for your Website - a unique collection of stock photos, for FREE.

    Domain Alarm

    Immediately know if your website is down. Features include:
    • Can run at startup
    • Can check domains at various intervals
    • Set for multiple domains
    • Popup in your system tray to alert you
    • Sends an email alerting you
    • Will launch your site to show it is down
    • Right click icon in system tray and check site(s) anytime
    FREE download. (size: 545 KB)

    Download Domain Alarm NowDownload now.

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